Medical Courses

  • Medical Gross Anatomy is taught as a component of the Structure and Function Theme (MDCOR 824/MDCOR 825) of the Integrated Curriculum in the College of Medicine.  Faculty members presenting lectures and instructing in the human anatomy dissection lab throughout the year (mid-September to end of April) include Drs. David Bernanke, Thierry Bacro, Steven Kubalak, Corey Mjaatvedt, and Titus Reaves.  The Departmental faculty present a total of 74 lectures, and all five faculty instruct in all dissection labs, totaling 868 lab teaching hours through the academic year.
  • Dr. Bacro gives lectures in the neurosciences component of the Homeostasis and Regulation Theme (MDCOR 820/MDCOR 821) of the Curriculum.
  • Dr. Kubalak presents all the lectures on Embryology, included in the Structure and Function Theme for the first-year medical students. This past year he was also responsible for the planning and management of the end-of-year capstone portion of the curriculum, referred to as Synthesis, as the 180 students all had patient encounters, examined and evaluated the patients, and prepared the cases for presentation to their fellow students – all part of the overall review of the material for the year.
  • Dr. Mjaatvedt presents 8 lectures in the Histology component of the Structure and Function Theme (MDCOR 824/MDCOR 825) in the medical curriculum.  He also instructs two of six sections of the Histology Conferences in each instructional Block, small-group interactive sessions using virtual slides system for faculty-guided student histology study.

Dental Courses

  • Dental Gross and Neuroanatomy (CELL 621) is taught in the summer semester as a lecture and laboratory course for the incoming first-year dental students.  The instructor for the course is Thierry Bacro, with additional teaching by David Bernanke, Titus Reaves, Steven Kubalak, and Corey Mjaatvedt.  The Departmental faculty present a total of 48 lectures and instruct in 281 hours of dissection labs.
  • In the Fall Semester, The Basic and Oral Histology course (CELL 628) is taught in lecture and lab by Michael Kern, Rick Visconti, and Christi Kern.  These Departmental faculty present a total of 46 lectures and instruct in 210 hours of histology labs.
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