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  • IP-756/CGS-756 - Intergrated Interprofessional Studies(S. Kubalak)

    This course is designed primarily for graduate students who wish to gain an appreciation for the translational relevance of their dissertation studies through hands-on interprofessional experiences in a clinical setting. Students will select the department that best matches their dissertation work and attend available grand rounds, fellows conferences, departmental seminars, clinical discussion groups (boards), and other available small group conferences or settings within the selected department. Experiences in these activities will be discussed in class. Midway through the semester students will also have the opportunity to attend rounding with the corrresponding departmental healthcare team as they visit patients. Students will then reconvene weekly as a class, with the course instructor, to review and discuss cases they have heard and share their experiences. Throughout the semester, students will select 5 cases and write Case Reports (a case summary) that discusses various aspects of the selected case. These Case Reports cover a wide range of topics from the case history, healthcare teams involved, basic science underpinnings, diagnosis, treatment, and future directions. Case Reports become more detailed and comprehensive as the course progresses. The final Case Report will be presented to the class as a PowerPoint presentation at the end of the semester. 3 s.h. Fall and Spring. 

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