Suniti Misra

Suniti Misra, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Member of Hollings Cancer Center

Room 613, Basic Science Building
Office: (843) 792-8642
Lab: 604 Children's Research Institute, (843) 876-5919

Email: misra@musc.edu
Misra CV


MS Univ. Massachusetts, 2004 Computer Science
PhD Calcutta Univ. (India), 1982 Biochemistry



Research Interests:

Fig1In general, inflammatory cancer cells are supported by a special type of connective tissue stroma that contains microvasculature networks that provide constant supplies of nutrients to inflammatory malignant cells. Hyaluronan (HA), a glycosaminoglycan, is one of the crucial components of such supportive tissue stroma. CD44, the major HA receptor, is encoded by single gene, but makes abundant use of alternative splicing to create functionally different CD44 variant isoforms, specifically, CD44v6, abbreviated here as HyaR. The standard isoform of CD44 (CD44s; without alternately spliced exons) is expressed predominantly in hematopoietic cells and normal epithelial cell subsets. Particularly, HyaR has been shown to contribute to tumor growth and metastatic processes, regulating oxidative stress in tissue fibrosis, and demonstrates cross-talk between matricellular protein and integrin signaling (see Fig.1).

fig 2We have recently invented a unique approach to deliver HyaR-shRNA tissue specifically to inhibit the tumor growth in colon. Short time delivery of HyaRshRNA reduces significantly intestinal/colon tumor number and growth in APC Min/+ mice bearing intestinal and colon tumors (Misra et.al. J. Biol. Chem. 2009) . Figure 2 shows steps involved in HyaRshRNA delivery in tumor cells using plasmids in transferrin coated nanoparticles. We used a combination of two plasmids – (i) intestine/colon specific plasmid pFabpl-Cre and (ii) pSico-HyaRshRNA. This combination reduced tumor sizes/ numbers in APC Min/+ mouse model (Misra et. al., 2009 J. Biol. Chem.). HyaRshRNA inhibits HyaR in the post-transcriptional step without altering CD44s. This approach of suppressing HyaR in colon tumors has deleterious effect on its downstream signaling as well as on three major receptor tyrosine kinases kinases c-Met, VEGFR, and EGFR that are the co-receptors of HyaR. This will be useful in future clinical application.

Outline of Research:

  • Molecular mechanisms of the regulation of chemo resistance in colon cancer by Hyaluronan receptor CD44v6 (HyaR) signaling.
  • Mechanisms of HyaR regulation of lipid-raft residing heteromeric-signaling complex
  • Regulation of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs that act as co-receptor to HyaR) downstream ant-apoptosis signaling by HyaR-signaling complex.
  • Mechanisms of HyaR-regulated TGFβ1-induced NADPH Oxidase/reactive oxygen species (ROS) in skin sclerosis and lung fibrosis.
  • Mechanisms of matricellular protein (Periostin and CCN1)-mediated mitral valve development pathways by Hyaluronan-CD44 signaling.


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