Waleed O. Twal

Waleed O. Twal, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor

Room 642, Basic Science Building
Office: (843) 792-7054

Email: twalwo@musc.edu


BS Animal Science University of Jordan 1977
MS Animal Science University of Tennessee 1988
PhD Physiology Pennsylvania State University 1993



Research Interests:

My main area of research involves a bioengineering project to build replacement blood vessels. We have shown that toroids made from macroporous building blocks of gelatin microspheres (Cultispher) seeded with human endothelial and smooth muscle cells can form a short vessel-like structure. These structures express both collagen and elastin and posses a uniaxial mechanical response that is qualitatively similar to that of native vascular tissues and consistent with their elastin and collagen composition. The mechanical response of these tubular structures increased with static culture time. We have also made 30 mm-long constructs using the same Cultipher beads and are in the process of testing them in a bioreactor for maturation using different flow regimens.

One other aspect of my scientific interests is extracellular matrix (ECM) biology. I have found that fibulin-1 inhibits the adhesion, spreading and migration of certain types of cancer cells and also transformed cell lines. However, fibulin-1 has no effect on primary cultured cell line such as fibroblasts and endothelial cells. I have also discovered a fifth member of the fibulin-1 family of proteins that is similar to fibulin-1D that can bind to the cytoplasmic domain of integrin beta 1. This discovery have solved a controversy that have lasted for over two decades regarding the initial isolation of fibulin-1 as an integrin beta 1 cytoplasmic domain-binding protein and subsequent reports that fibulin-1 was an extracellular matrix protein binding to a myriad of molecules extracellularly. Currently we are working on defining the function of this interaction and elucidating its effect on integrin signaling.

Another interest of mine is the role played by fibulin-1 in FGF8 function/s. We have shown that fibulin-1 binds to FGF8 with high affinity and fibulin-1 protects FGF8 from enzymatic degradation by ADAM-17. Down regulation of fibulin-1 by siRNA reduces the expression levels of FGF8 while up-regulation of fibulin-1 C and D variants up-regulates FGF8 expression. Currently we are characterizing the role of this interaction in a double heterozygote mating of mice haplo-insufficient in both FGF8 and fibulin-1.


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