SC Cardiovascular COBRE - Administration

Core A - Administration

The Administrative Core is responsible for oversight and management of all funds and core and research activities associated with the Phase III COBRE. This Core is the center for business management, scheduling, organizing the annual CDBC symposium, statewide outreach, program development, preparing the annual progress report and communication among scientific core directors, advisors, the central administration and all COBRE and non-COBRE participants. The Administrative core is directed by the PI and the Program Coordinator. The Program Manager, handles day-to-day ordering and fiscal issues. An External Advisory Committee, composed of senior scientists with experience in directing core facilities and the cardiac theme of our COBRE center, performs an annual review of all Core activities including that of the the Administrative Core and makes recommendations whenever solicited for improving core performance and programmatic development. The Administrative Core is committed to making the technology cores in imaging, gene function, genomics and bioinformatics the foundational pillars for sustaining, extending the outreach and the scientific competitiveness of the cardiovascular developmental biology center (CDBC).

Roger Markwald
COBRE Director
Dr. Roger Markwald
Phone- 792-5891

Andy Wessels
Program Coordinator
Dr. Andy Wessels
Phone- 792-8183
Evelyn Fabunan
Administrative Coordinator
Evelyn Fabunan
Phone- 792-5891
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