SC Cardiovascular COBRE - Proteogenomics and Bioinformatics Core

CORE C - Proteogenomics and Bioinformatics Core

The COBRE Proteogenomics and Bioinformatics Core C is a component of the South Carolina COBRE for Cardiovascular Disease (SC COBRE). The mission of the SC COBRE Proteogenomics and Bioinformatics Core is to provide investigators from Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and across the region with expert consultation, training, state-of-the-art instrumentation and turnkey services to address questions of gene expression and protein function. The core builds upon the previous investments of the NIH/NCRR SC COBRE Phase I and II programs, NIH/NCRR SC INBRE program, NIH/NCRR Shared Instrumentation Grants and MUSC, which together have created a comprehensive infrastructure comprised of faculty, support staff, instrumentation and advanced computational/statistical analysis resources. To foster advances in understanding of gene expression during development and in response to mutation, disease and experimental stimuli, the core has excelled in microarray screening technology. To support this activity, the core has built a record of accomplishment in data management and analysis and custom development of bioinformatics tools. The core also provides support for related gene expression methodologies including total RNA preparation and quality assessment, real time quantitative PCR analysis, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and ChIPon- Chip for analyzing genomic DNA sequences bound to specific proteins and epigenetic modifications. To advance our genomics capabilities, a major goal of the core leadership is to offer next generation sequencing in the near future. Since proteomic approaches are an essential element for defining molecular mechanisms, the core provides a variety of services including surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based analysis of protein interactions, multiplex bead array-based analysis of phosphoprotein and cytokine levels and consultation for expression/purification of proteins. Education and outreach are integral components of the mission of the core. Toward this end, the core provides a variety of programs for students and faculty that include training in core technologies, research experiences for undergraduates and pilot studies awards to incentivize core usage. Collectively, the services of the Proteogenomics and Bioinformatics Core are designed to substantially increase the likelihood of success of investigators from MUSC and across the state to meet their research objectives through application of advanced proteomic and genomic technologies.

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