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CORE D - Gene Function

The purpose of the SC Cardiovascular COBRE Gene Function Core is to provide intellectual and physical resources (particularly transgenic and gene targeted mice) to enhance our understanding of cardiovascular malformations and adult cardiac disease. The renewal proposal of this Core builds upon the previous investments of the NIH/NCRR SC COBRE Phase I and II programs, NIH/NCRR Shared Instrumentation Grant, NIH/NCRR construction grant, and institutional support. This COBRE Core integrates two existing state-of-the-art intramural core facilities, the MUSC Transgenic Facility and the MUSC Gene Targeting Facility, with mentoring and training to facilitate the application of mouse models. The Gene Function Core generates genetically modified mice by pronuclear injection of the fertilized zygotes and offers gene “knockout”, Cre-conditional knockout mice, and production of genetically mutant mice containing site-specific mutations (ranging in size from 1bp to over 100 Kbp). The Core now offers the possibility of making genetically modified mice in the C57BL/6 strain to eliminate the time-consuming process of genetic backcrosses and to facilitate assessment of genetic modifier effects. Since 2001 the COBRE Gene Function Core has serviced over 50 different investigators and facilitated their research involving over 44 million dollars of grant support. During this time period the Gene Function Core has added new services: cryopreservation, rederivation, and in vitro fertilization to facilitate the use of the genetically modified mice now available from other sources and sharing of mice generated by our facilities. The COBRE Phase III will be critical to transition this Core and these facilities to independent sustainability by providing the mentoring and training of investigators, to expand the number of investigators and/or projects that use genetically altered mice. Since the Gene Function Core provides the only means to make genetically modified mice within the State of South Carolina, this Core will not only support the research programs of MUSC faculty but also other state and private institutions including investigators supported by NSF, INBRE and COBRE grants. The major aims of the Gene Function Core during Phase III COBRE funding are: 1) to promote the use of genetically modified mice through consultation and training, 2) provide the expertise required to design and generate DNA constructs for production of genetically modified mice, 3) to generate new transgenic mice, 4) to generate new gene-targeted mice, and 5) facilitate the mission of the Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Center (CDBC) by contributing to an understanding of the developmental basis of cardiovascular diseases.

For more information regarding Core D please contact Dr. Michael Kern kernmj@musc.edu

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