SC Cardiovascular COBRE - Gene Function Core

CORE D - Gene Function Core

The purpose of this core is to provide intellectual and physical resources for testing Gene Function to understand cardiovascular malformations and adult cardiac disease using transgenic mice, gene targeted mice, and viral vectors. The COBRE trainees will be the primary beneficiaries and users of this facility on a cost free basis and with enhanced priority. However this core also will support the research programs of faculty members at MUSC, and throughout the state of South Carolina. Toward this goal the core has the following four main services (1) generate transgenic mice, (2) generate gene targeted mice, (3) generate viral vectors to facilitate loss of function and gain of function analysis in cell culture and in vivo, (4) mentor the COBRE trainees in utilizing these techniques for cardiovascular research. There are two additional areas (plasmid construction and related mouse services) which support the main services described above. Without this core facility the research tools and technology of transgenic and gene targeted mice, as well as viral vector preparation and use, would be out of reach of most junior faculty. For them to invest in the training, or cost, to establish the technical resources and expertise, would come at the expense of focusing on their aims. This core will alleviate these issues and facilitate the analysis of Gene Function by the COBRE trainees and others at MUSC and the State of South Carolina.

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