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Main Conference Room (BSB 611)

Conference Room Use Policy

The online calendar for the RMCB Department conference room has been established to assist us in tracking use and maintaining the conference room. The Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology Conference Room is open to authorized users only. Preference for time slots will be given to members of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology for authorized departmental activities. Users are expected to adhere to the guidelines and policies established for the conference room.

Replacement projector bulbs cost $700. PLEASE remember to turn the projector OFF when finished.

  1. The user registering for a time block must pick up the key from the front office and return it promptly.
  2. The user registered for a time block is responsible for the activities in the conference room during that time and is also responsible for insuring the conference room is returned to its standard setup arrangement.
  3. At the end of each session the conference room must be returned to its standard setup:
    • Projector turned off.
    • Projection screen in up position.
    • Dry erase boards should be clean.
    • Tables should be located at back wall of room; remaining chairs should be set in rows filling the room.
    • All trash should be removed from tables, chairs, and floors and placed in garbage bin.
    • Lights turned off.
Last updated on 13-Feb-2018

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