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Video Conference Room (BSB 606)

VideoConference with H.323 System

The Department maintains a Polycom HDX6000 Video Conference Codec in Room 606. The schedule for this room can be accessed here. Please contact Dr. Trusk for assistance in setting up a video conference.

User Policy: Meetings that require use of the Video Conference Hardware have highest priority in BSB606. These meetings often come up at the last minute and cannot be scheduled well in advance. Be prepared to move your meeting elsewhere on short notice if this occurs.

Content Sharing Applications:

People + Content IP will allow you to share your computer screen with an ongoing video conference. Connect to (This only works from within the university firewall).
PC version
Mac Version

ConferenceMe allows remote participants to join multipoint conferences hosted in BSB606 from a desktop or laptop (PC ONLY). Please conttact Dr. Trusk for instructions.

Telephone Conference Calls:

The MUSC Multipoint Conference System may also be used to organize telephone conference calls in BSB606. You will use the room ceiling microphone and speaker system:

  1. Turn on the SONY conference monitor.
  2. Use the Videoconference remote to start a conference (Green Phone icon). Dial 86076. (Note 6076 is the meeting ID).
  3. You should hear the system ask for security code over the speaker system. You may ignore this prompt.
  4. The meeting can be joined over the telephone by any remote user calling 843 805-6070. They will be prompted for a security PIN and should enter 12823#. Several callers can join the meeting in addition to remote video conference attendees.
  5. At the next prompt the caller should enter 6076# to connect to your meeting.
  6. When finished, press hangup (Red Phone icon) on the Video Conference remote, then turn off the SONY conference monitor.
Last updated on 28-Dec-2017

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