MUSC transgenic and genome editing Core - Services & pricing

Service Type Service Description MUSC/EDU Price Est. Time
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in mice Knock-Out, Knock-In $5,000-7,000 12 wks
Conventional TG mouse production pronuclear injection of purified transgene $4,500 4-6 wks
Chimeric mouse production ES cell injection into blastocyst $5,000 4-6 wks
Conventional TG rat production pronuclear injection of purified transgene (SD zygotes) $5,000 4-6 wks
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in rats KI/ KO $7,000-9,000 12-14 wks
Assisted Reproductive Technology Services (ARTS) 
ARTS Sperm cryopreservation with QC
(per line/strain/freeze)
ARTS Mouse sperm resusitation $1,850  
ARTS Mouse embryo resuscitation $1,000.00  
ARTS Mouse strain rescue (per strain/line/attempt) $3,000.00  
ARTS LN2 annual storage fee per PI $250.00  
Last updated on 28-Dec-2017

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