Welcome to the Advanced Tissue Biofabrication Center (ATBC)

Supported by the NSF Cooperative Agreement Number EPS-0903795

Basic Science Building Room 642, MUSC, Charleston, SC


Project History

Early work in 3D tissue biofabrication was spearheaded by investigators at Clemson and MUSC resulting in a number of publications (1-5). These studies lead to collaborative work between MUSC and the University of Missouri with cell spheroids and spheroid fusion. A method of printing cell aggregates was developed and patented (US 8,241,905 with additional patents pending). Organovo (San Diego CA) exclusively holds the patent rights of this methodology. These early efforts and work by scientists across South Carolina resulted in a National Science Foundation (NSF) award of $20 million over five years to build biofabrication infrastructure across the state. With this award, we have moved well beyond these early stages with more than 100 state researchers from multiple disciplines and a host of state universities contributing. Those universities include Claflin, SC State, USC, Clemson, College of Charleston and Furman. Among its many accomplishments, the program has succeeded in printing microvascular structures using living cells. These structures, measuring 100 microns by 10 millimeters, mimic the design of blood vessels of tissues.


March, 2015 The paper "Implanted Scaffold-Free Prevascularized Constructs Promote Tissue Repair" by Czajka CA, Calder BW, Yost MJ & , Drake CJ was published in Ann Plast Surg. (PMID: 25668498)

Nov 20, 2014 The paper "Manipulation of Cellular Spheroid Composition and the Effects on Vascular Tissue Fusion" by Olsen TR, Mattix B, Casco M, Herbst A, Williams C, Tarasidis A, Simionescu D, Visconti RP & Alexis F was published in Acta Biomater. (PMID: 25463485)

Nov 6, 2014 The paper "The Fusion of Tissue Spheroids Attached to Pre-stretched Electrospun Polyurethane Scaffolds" by Beachley V, Kasyanov V, Nagy-Mehesz A, Norris R, Ozolanta I, Kalejs M, Stradins P, Baptista L, da Silva K, Grainjero J, Wen X & Mironov V was published in J. Tissue Eng. (PMID: 25396042)

Sept 2, 2014 A technology video on "Biofabrication Technology at MUSC" was published online by Reuters [LINK]

July 30, 2014 The paper "Self-Assembly of Prevascular Tissues from Endothelial and Fibroblast Cells under Scaffold-Free, Non-adherent Conditions" by Czajka CA & Drake CJ was published in Tissue Eng Part A (PMID: 25076018)

July 1, 2014 The paper "Engineering alginate as bioink for bioprinting" by Jia J, Richards DJ, Pollard S, Tan Y, Rodriguez J, Visconti RP, Trusk TC, Yost MJ, Yao H, Markwald RR, & Mei Y was published in Acta Biomater. (PMID: 24998183)

June 9, 2014 The paper "On the Uniaxial Ring Test of Tissue Engineered Constructs" by Shazly T, Rachev A, Lessner S, Argraves WS, Ferdous J, Zhou B, Moreira AM, & Michael Sutton M was published in Experimental Mechanics. LINK

June 8, 2014 The paper "Study of Droplet Formation Process during Drop-on-Demand Inkjetting of Living Cell-Laden Bioink" by Xu C, Zhang M, Huang Y, Ogale A, Fu J & Markwald RR was published in Langmuir. (PMID: 25005170)