de La Cruz

"Segmental Cardiac Morphogenesis"

Dedicated to the Memory of
Maria Victoria de La Cruz (1916-1999)

CDBC 2000 SPEAKERS (April 3-5, 2000)
Robert Anderson "The Developmental Anatomy of the Ventriculo-Arterial Junctions"
Parker Antin "Regulation of Cardiac Myogenesis by Primitive and Definitive Endoderm"
John Burch "Segmental Regulation of GATA4,5,6 Gene Expression in the Developing Heart"
Wayne Carver "Expression and Function of Disintegrin and Metalloprotease (ADAMS) Proteins in the Developing Heart"
Simon Conway "Mouse Hearts, Fish & Gene Chips"
Wout Lamers "Remodeling of the Myocardium of the Outflow Tract"
John Lough "Does Cardiac Specification Require Integration of Growth Factor Signaling Pathways?"
Brad Keller "Function and Biomechanics of Developing Cardiovascular Systems"
Margaret Kirby "On the Importance of Neural Crest-Endoderm Interactions in Myocardial Development"
Steve Kubalak "Outflow Tract Development in the RXR-alpha Knock-out Mouse"
Roger Markwald "Segmental Cardiac Morphogenesis: A lecture dedicated to the life and works of Maria Victoria de La Cruz (1916-1999)"
Corey Mjaatvedt "Cspg2 Gene and Cardiac Outlet Morphogenesis"
Deepak Srivastava "Molecular Pathways of Cardiac Development and Congenital Heart Disease"
Robert P. Thompson "Reconciling Force and Fate in the Twisting Cardiac Outlet"
Maurice van den Hoff "Myocardialization of the Inflow Tract of the Heart"
Sandra Webb "Atrial Morphogenesis"
Andy Wessels "What Transgenic Mouse Models Tell Us About Segmental Cardiac Morphogenesis"
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