Woody Benson “NKX2.5 mutations: genotype-phenotype and human prejudice”
Nigel Brown “Laterality signals in mammalian heart development: global or local; quantal or graded?”
Chris Drake “Mechanisms of Vasculogenesis”
Carol Eisenberg “The Plasticity of Early Mesoderm and its Relevance to the Cardiac Potential of Bone Marrow Cells”
Len Eisenberg “WNT regulation of cell diversification”
Rob Gourdie “Wingless, Tinman and Development of the Cardiac Conduction System”
Robert Kelly “Cardiosensor mice and the embryological origin of outflow tract myocardium”
Cecilia Lo “Extracardiac cells and the role of gap junctions in cardiovascular development - a requirement for gap junctions but not gap junction communication?”
Tim McQuinn “Knockout mice, genetics, and congenital heart disease: Do we have a loop here?”
Takashi Mikawa  “Coronary Vessel Development”
Ann Ramsdell “Multiple pathways in cardiac left-right development”
Bob Schwartz “Cardiogenesis: positive and negative regulators”
Yukiko Sugi "Regulation of early endocardial formation"
Joe Yost “Left-right axis: establishment and maintenance”
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