Robert Anderson "Development of the Outflow Tract"
Robert Anderson "Congenital Malformations of the Outflow Tracts"
Antonio Baldini "The role of Tbx1, a candidate gene for DiGeorge syndrome, in the development of the outflow tract"
Joey Barnett "TGFbeta signaling during atrioventricular cushion transformation"
Scott Bradley "Preserving vs. Replacing the Aortic Valve - Surgical Options"
Todd Camenisch "ErbB Receptors and Extracellular Matrix Regulate Endocardial Cushion Morphogenesis"
Vincent Christoffels "Chamber-specificity through exclusion of the AVC and OFT"
Jim Huhta "Valvular dysfunction in the first trimester"
Michael Kern "Translational regulation of the Prx1 homeobox gene in cardiac fibroblasts"
Scott Klewer "The extracellular matrix in heart valve development and disease"
John Pizzey "The role and regulation of GATA-6 in mammalian cardiogenesis"
Girish Shirali "Anatomy of the interatrial septum: New interest in an old wall"
Maurice van den Hoff "Myocardium formation after the initial development of the linear heart tube"
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