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CDBC 2007 Speakers
Scott Argraves “Fibulin-1 Regulation of the DiGeorge Syndrome Pathogenesis Pathway”
David Bader  “Making Blood Vessels to Organs”
John Burch   “Transcriptional Regulation in the Epicardial Lineage”
Leonard Eisenberg “Examining the Cellular Heterogeneity of the Adult Myocardium Using Transgenic Reporter Mice”
Ron Heimark  “Convergence of Wnt and TGF-b Signaling on Transcriptional Regulators of the Mesenchymal Phenotype”
Steve Kubalak “Direct Interactions Between TGF-b and Retinoid Signaling During Midgestation Heart Development”
Vinciane Gaussin  “Atrioventricular Valve Development During Late Embryonic And Postnatal Stages”
Matt Goddeeris  “Roles of Hedgehog Signaling During Outflow Tract and AV Canal Development”
Rob Gourdie  “Scar Reduction and Regenerative Healing Properties of Alpha Connexin Carboxyl-Terminal (ACT) Peptides”
Christi Kern “Matrix Metalloproteinase Cleavage of Versican During Cardiac Development”
Chip Norris “Periostin: A Molecular Switch During Development and Disease - a Heart’s Perspective”
José-Maria Pérez-Pomares  “Cardiac Patterning by Proepicardial Derivatives: Interaction with Other Cardiac Cell Populations and Regenerative Potentials of EPDCs”
Jay Potts  “Factors Affecting Post-EMT Valve Tissue Maturation”
Ray Runyan  Taber Lecture - “TGF-b and Regulation of EMT in the AV Canal”
Yukiko Sugi “BMP Signaling Regulates Post-EMT AV Valvulogenesis”
Maurice van den Hoff  CDBC Lecture - “Heart Muscle Cell Formation After the Development of the Linear Heart Tube”
Andy Wessels “Cartilage Link Protein 1 and Cardiac Development”
Katherine Yutzey “Diversification of Valve Cell Lineages”
Bin Zhou  “NFATc1 and Development of Cardiac Mesenchyme”
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