CDBC 2007 poster CDBC 2008 Speakers
Bob Anderson "Further findings concerning the development of the outflow tract"
Jonathan Butcher "Mechanoregulation of Valvulogenesis: New Approaches for Old Ideas"
Vincent Christoffels "T-box transcription factors are key regulators of pacemaker and conduction system development"
Steven Fisher "Hypoxia and apoptosis-dependent remodeling of the cardiac outflow tract"
Bob Friesel "Sprouty function in Vascular Development"
Loretta Hoover "Retinoid Regulation of TGFβ-Mediated Smad2 Phosphorylation and Downstream Signaling"
Jennifer Krzmery "The role of the Tbx5 interactor, Lmp4 during mouse embryogenesis"
Anne Moon "Identifying cellular targets of Fgf signaling required for outflow tract remodeling"
Jose Xavier Neto "AP patterning and the evolutionary origin of cardiac chambers"
Michael O'Quinn "A peptide incorporating the ZO-1 binding domain of Cx43 improves recovery of cardiac function following injury"
Luis Polo-Parada "The Extracellular Matrix Modulates Action Potential Phenotype During Heart Development"
Ann Ramsdell "Left-right axis determination and cardiac development"
Paul Riley "Prox1 function in cardiac muscle ultrastructure and the developing valves"
Brenda Rongish "Computational Imaging of Early Avian Heart Development"
Fred Schoen "Evolving concepts of cardiac valve dynamics: The continuum of development, functional structure, pathobiology and tissue engineering"
Hans-Georg Simon "Thinking Inside And Outside The Nucleus: New Roles For The Tbx5 Shuttling Protein In Heart Development"
Brian Snarr "The Dorsal Mesenchymal Protrusion, a Second Heart Field Derivative, Plays an Important Role in AV Valvuloseptal Development"
Cliff Tabin "Patterning and Organogenesis of the Heart and Gut"
Bryan Toole "Emmprin, hyaluronan and CD44: co-regulators of membrane transporters"
Maurice van den Hoff "Cardiomyocyte formation at the inflow of the heart"


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