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CDBC 2011 Speakers
Christi Kern The Role of Proteoglycans in Cardiac Valve Development and Disease
Joy Lincoln Snai1 is Required for mmp15 Expression During Endocardial Cushion Development
Keerthi Harikrishnan Fibulin-1 Regulation of HB-EGF-ErbB1 Signaling in Valvulogenesis
Chip Norris Intracellular Regulation of Valve Development: From Disease to Discovery
Taber Lecture:
Adriana Gittenberger-de Groot
Cardiac Anomalies in Disturbed Posterior Heart Field Development
Matt Rhett New Frontiers in Gap Junction Biology: The Perinexus
Rob Gourdie The Strange Tail of the Connexin43 Molecule
Bjorn Knollmann Molecular Mechanisms and Treatment of Abnormal Cardiac Calcium Release in Genetic Arrhythmia Disease
Robin Muise-Helmericks Regulation of Mitochondrial Function and Endothelial Cell Energetics by Akt3
Jose Luis de la Pompa Intercellular Signaling in Cardiac Development and Function: Notch
Neil Chi Zebrafish Models of Cardiovascular Development and Disease
Tony Firulli Getting a Handle on Cardiac Morphogenesis
Jim Martin Genetic Pathways Regulating Myocardial Growth and Differentiation
Laura Briggs Atrioventricular Septal Defects in Mice and Man
CDBC Lecture:
Brad Keller
Insights from Embryos into Cardiac Morphogenesis and Repair
Rob Poelmann The Endothelial Cilium and Hemodynamics in Cardiovascular Development
Kelley Argraves Sphingosine-1-phosphate Receptor Signaling in Embryonic Blood Vessel Formation
Maurice van den Hoff Follistatin-like 1: Bones and Hearts
Stephane Zaffran Cell Lineage Analysis and the Development of the Subpulmonary Myocardium
Jose Perez-Pomares Signaling Coordination during Epicardial Development and Differentiation


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