CDBC 2010 poster CDBC 2012 Speakers
Jonathan Butcher Quantitative In vivo imaging of embryonic heart morphogenesis
Carmine Gentile VEGF-mediated phosphorylation of eNOS regulates angioblast and endothelial cell proliferation
Alexander Awgulewitsch Hox-controlled vascular remodeling
Emily Ongstad Role of the connexin43 CT on myocyte-fibroblast interactions in a 3D model of the infarct border zone
Martin Morad Calcium Signaling in human IPSCs: How close are we to mature heart?
Bob Ross Is it beneficial to be altering expression of cardiomyocyte integrin pathway components?  
Taber Lecture: Shoumo Bhattacharya Gene-environment interactions in cardiac development
Marie Lockhart Contribution of epicardially derived cells to the AV valvuloseptal complex
Bob Dettman How PI3K/Akt signaling influences epicardial development
Michelle Tallquist Signaling pathways regulating epicardial cell fate decisions
Frank Conlon The Cardiac TBX20 Transcriptional Complex and Cardiomyocyte Proliferation
Maurice van den Hoff Cardiac regeneration from activated epicardium
Amy Bradshaw SPARC and DDR2 as regulators of cardiac fibroblast function
Vidu Garg The role of Notch signaling in aortic disease  
Jean-Jacques Schott Genomics of cardiac valve defects in the context of genetically isolated populations
David Gregg A look to the clinical side: Lessons from adults with congenital heart disease
Eric Svensson The role of Ets-1 in human and murine congenital heart disease
CDBC Lecture:  Peter Kohl Systems Biology of the Heart: Hype or Hope
Zoltan Hajdu Hematopoietic-derived cells in the valves: from embryonic development to adult pathology
Jay Potts Early valve development conducting the symphony of signals
Keerthi Harikrishnan Fibulin-1 regulation of cell cycle progression in developing cardiac valves
Yukiko Sugi The role of BMP in differentiation and lineage restriction of AV endocardial cushion cells
Kimberly Sauls The origin and progression of Filamin-A mediated valvulopathy: a molecular, cellular and histopathological analysis

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