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CDBC 2014 Speakers
Taber Lecture:
Cecilia Lo
Dissecting the genetic etiology of congenital heart disease in a large scale mouse forward genetic screen
CDBC Lecture:
Paul Grossfeld
The genetic basis of heart and brain defects in Jacobsen syndrome
Sue Lessner Atherosclerotic Plaque Failure: What Can We Learn from Mice?
Jeroen Bakkers The Dally-like glypican Knypek promotes cardiomyocyte differentiation of second hearts field cells
Caitlin Czajka Bioengineering vascular networks in vitro: lessons from vasculogenesis
Rolf Bodmer Congenital and Diabetic Cardiomyopathy models in Drosophila
Kristi Red-Horse Assembling coronary arteries during heart development
Marie Lockhart Epicardial BMP signaling and the development of the AV junction
Maurice van den Hoff Contribution of endocardial and epicardial derived cells to the fibrous insulation
Courtney Haycraft Primary cilia and hedgehog signaling in mammalian patterning
Martina Brueckner The many roles of cilia in heart development
John Ikonomidis Development of a large animal model of thoracic aortic aneurysm
Rick Visconti CD45 cells in Cardiovascular Development and Disease
Chip Norris From mutations to therapeutic opportunities in mitral valve disease
Joey Barnett Atypical TGFβ signaling: Surprising Roles in Embryos and Adults
Martin Morad Mechanisms of Spontaneous Rhythmic beating in developing Cardiomyocytes
Naohiro Yamaguchi Calcium dependent feedback regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle calcium channels
Rob Gourdie Druggable Connexin43: The Tale of an Unexpected Journey to Clinical Trials
Ann Foley Bioengineering the Pacemaker
John Eberth Cardiovascular Engineering and the Influence of Hemodynamics on Growth and Remodeling
Jeremy Barth Transcriptomic profiling of the pro-elastogenic state
Christi Kern Lumican emerges as a potential regulator of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy using a developmental approach
Alex Zambon Hif1a is a major regulator of fetal cardiomyocyte metabolism and proliferation
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