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Welcome to the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology
Flow Cytometry Facility
Located in the Basic Science Building, Room 639

Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard Visconti
Office: CRI605
Phone: (843) 792-6024
Email: visconrp@musc.edu

Facility Manager: B. Jacob Kendrick
Office: BSB639
Phone: (843) 792-5496
Email: kendricb@musc.edu

The Flow Cytometry Facility provides resources for performing a large variety of flow cytometry services using Beckman Coulter instrumentation. Current platforms include the new MoFlo Astrios for cell sorting applications and a CyAn ADP desktop analyzer for cell analysis. Facility personnel have considerable experience in high-speed, rare-event cell sorting and will be pleased to work with individual investigators to adapt or develop techniques to meet their specific research program.

Publication Acknowledgements:

The facility should be listed in the Acknowledgements section of any publication using data generated in the Core as follows:

"This study used the services of the MUSC Flow Cytometry Facility, which is supported by NIH-NIGMS P30 GM103342 to the South Carolina COBRE for Developmentally Based Cardiovascular Diseases."

All work related to the South Carolina Project for Organ Biofabrication should also acknowledge the NSF Cooperative Agreement Number EPS-0903795.


  • Development and optimization of protocols for flow-based analyses and cell sorting
  • Flow cytometry services including:
    • Rare Event Sorting, including single cell deposition
    • Side Population Sorting
    • Single- and Multi-parameter Analysis and Cell Sorting
    • Analysis or Cell Sorting using Surface Markers
    • Analysis or Cell Sorting using Intracellular Antigens
    • Immunophenotyping
    • FRET
    • Cytometric Bead Arrays
    • Data analysis
    • Assays of:
      • Cell Viability
      • Cell Proliferation and Cell Death
      • DNA Content
      • Cell Cycle Analysis
      • Cell Response Kinetics
      • Interested in developing a new assay? Contact us.

Facility personnel perform all aspects of flow experiments related to use of the instrumentation. Investigators are responsible for providing samples that are prepared for flow cytometric analysis, including tubes that are suitable for use on the instrumentation. All costs associated with sample preparation are the responsibility of the investigator. Facility personnel will gladly assist with protocols for cell preparation, immunolabeling, reagent titration and optimization of experimental protocols upon request. New users are strongly encouraged to meet with the Facility Manager for assistance in designing your experiment so as to generate accurate and reproducible results. After running your samples, facility personnel will also help you with data analysis.

To ensure safety, samples cannot be analyzed without submission of a Facility Sort Form with supporting IRB, IBC documentation prior to your appointment. Fees are assessed in 15-minute increments. Users may apply for vouchers to subsidize service fees. Vouchers may only be used to subsidize costs of analyses performed in the Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology Flow Cytometry facility and are subject to availability of funds.

Please feel free to contact B. Jacob Kendrick (kendricb@musc.edu) with any questions at all about flow cytometry and our facility. We look forward to working with you to incorporate state of the art flow technologies into your research program.

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